Cold Beer on the DZ:  Bulletproof ‘Special Forces’ Cooler is Indestructible

Whenever anyone is trying to sell anything to the manly men out there, they need only put the words “used by Special Forces” or “Navy SEAL approved” on the advertisement and it is guaranteed to sell better.

And for certain applications, especially when dealing with any kind of weapons or tactical type of equipment, those kinds of endorsements go a long way. And occasionally that line will get stretched to the limit with some of the more obscure items out there. Consider your beer cooler among those.

The Speedbox Endurance-40 is a virtually indestructible container that’s used by Army Special Forces, Air Force Pararescue Jumpers and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians everywhere. The GIF below sums up why it’s particularly suited to the latter group:

While it has applications beyond your backyard barbecue, the 40-gallon single-walled box can easily keep loads of ice-cold beer and other perishables safe thanks to a built-in gasket that’s water-and-airtight.

A military-grade shatter-resistant polymer construction, cam-driven latches and Army Regulation aluminum lock plates further ensure its precious contents survive pretty much any conceivable event.

Its ten-inch polyurethane tires are also totally solid, meaning you’ll never need to worry about a flat while towing up to 300 pounds behind a heavy-duty “Never-Fail” aluminum handle.

The video accompanying the admittedly tough cooler was amazing to watch as the manufacturers put the Speedbox thru some of the more tougher tests you’ll ever witness for a beer cooler.

Using explosives to blow it sky high, 30-40 feet into the air, dragging it thru a field behind a vehicle at 25-30 mph, it certainly will hold up to a rugged test outside. But the real question is, do we really need a bulletproof and bombproof beer cooler?

I like the fact that several can be attached together for a big bash but at $575, that is an expensive beer cooler. While it borders on the slightly ridiculous, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one…

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Photo courtesy Speedbox