Special Operations Forces Selection PT Preparation Week 15, Day 1

Sunday morning rucksack march. Do a quick warmup of pushups and sit-ups before heading out for an eight-mile rucksack march. Head out over varied terrain and try to go as fast as you can without running.

Stretch well both before and after the event. Remember to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated out there. Even though the weather has begun to cool off now in the fall it is still easy to become dehydrated.


Warm up

1 x 20 Pushups

1 x 20 Sit-ups

8-mile Rucksack march over varied terrain with a 45-pound minimum. Move out as quickly as you can without jogging. The standard is 90 minutes, you should be looking to better that. And mark your times in your workout log book.

Stretch well after completion