Join the Combat Aviation Advisors

To join the CAA personnel of AFSOC, candidates must first pass an initial selection process (and must already be well qualified in their particular skill sets: enlisted troops, for instance, must hold an AFSC 7 level code. Personnel must successfully complete CAAMQC, Combat Aviation Advisor Mission Qualification Course, where they are trained in counterinsurgency doctrine and regional skills. The field stage of training culminates in an final exercise. There trainees are dropped into “Palmetto Land” for Exercise Raven Claw (similar in many ways to Robin Sage, in Pineland).

CAAMQC is four phase course that lasts approximately one year. Its mission to prepare unit members to perform duties as a combat aviation advisor in FID, counterinsurgency, coalition support, unconventional support and similar areas. The four phases of training include mission development and operating environments; integrated skills training; language and cultural training; and specialty developmental training.

The official CAA Fact Sheet can be found on the AFSOC website here.

Lt. Col. Norman Brozenick

Advisors participate in experience-based education and training to master a specialized complement of skills. Particular emphasis is place on advanced field craft to include survival skills, weapons proficiency, communications training, cultural appreciation, and risk management awareness. Flying and maintenance advisors also receive extensive training in selected civil and military aircraft of American and foreign manufacture. Many aircrew and maintenance personnel achieve advanced Federal Administration Agency ratings such as certified flight instructor or airframe and power plant mechanic. Other forms of advanced instruction include commercial simulator time, flight line operations, and factory technical training at relevant locations within and outside the United States…”

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