Naval Academy Recommends Dismissing 3 Cadets For Illegal Drug Use

More problems for the United States’ military academies has popped into the news that the U.S. Naval Academy Superintendent is considering court-martial charges for one midshipman and dismissal for three others for illegal drug use. Two other midshipmen have already left the school voluntarily.

The superintendent of the Naval Academy has recommended dis-enrolling three midshipmen from the school for using illegal drugs, spokesman Cmdr. David McKinney said in a statement Thursday.

The academy announced five students would be disciplined for allegedly using cocaine, mushrooms, ketamine and ecstasy in March. Another four are being disciplined for failing to report the behavior.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s investigation into the alleged drug use continues, McKinney said. The investigation has been underway since late November, when two midshipmen reported the alleged drug use.

“Military justice options remain available after the full NCIS investigation has concluded,” he said.

Vice Adm. Ted Carter made the recommendation as part of the administrative disciplinary process, McKinney said. The acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs needs to endorse the decision.

According to the superintendent, the one midshipman facing a court-martial is being investigated as a “suspected distributor”, which are two words that one would never suspect hearing about a cadet at one of the nation’s military academies.

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Photo courtesy US Navy