SOF Selection PT Preparation (2.28.2017)

This week and month we’ll focus on the UBRR – the primary PT test used in SOF units along with the standard service branch PT test. The Upper Body Round Robin, or UBRR. The UBRR is commonly employed in SOF units to measure overall fitness. The UBRR consists of 9 events; I’ll follow up with another article describing the required reps and standards for the test. But, for our training purposes focus on improving your numbers.

Bench Press





Rope Climb

Kipp Up

Shuttle Run

5 Mile Run/Ruck

We’re not able to do every event listed here and do not have the time amid a professional life to do every event, every day. However, by structuring our day, we can knock out some of this every day and improve on others throughout the weeks and months ahead.

Calculating your score is easy – just visit and input your age, weight, and scores.


Before the day is over, at some point, get on the ground and knock out 100 push-ups. You can break it up however you need.

Similarly, complete 100 V-ups at some point during the day, preferably before, after, or during your push-up routine.

Run 5 miles – the goal is sub-eight-minute miles, but just go at a moderate pace that you can sustain.

Either before or after, go to the gym –

As many rounds as needed to get to the prescribed # of repetitions:

Dips – sets of 10 until you reach 50 dips.

Pull-ups – sets of 10 until you reach 50 pull-ups.