Zero Tolerance Knife 0566: Review

Having a knife in your everyday carry kit is a rule that all individuals should follow. There are so many times during a day when a knife is needed. Whether opening a package, prying open a case of ammo at the range, or protecting yourself, a knife can be indispensable. Saying that, I would not consider myself a knife connoisseur, but I know quality when it’s there. Any handler of the Zero Tolerance Knife 0566 will recognize its craftsmanship and almost overbuilt quality immediately.

The Zero Tolerance Knife 0566 is truly built like a tank. Watch the short video below to see some of the unique features and how easy it is to deploy the blade on this finely crafted tool.

The Zero Tolerance Knife 0566 blade is made from ELMAX steel. ELMAX has only been around for about six years, making it fairly new in the blade market. The blade is made using a powdered metallurgy-based production. This means it’s made from a blend of fine-powdered materials and compacted under very high pressures and temperatures to create the blade. One cool bit about the process is that it produces very little waste and scrap material. Being the Zero Tolerance Knife 0566 blade is 18 percent chromium, is it very corrosion resistant.

Zero Tolerance 0566 Knife recommended uses

  • Everyday carry (EDC) – Designed for deep-pocket carry, the hardness of the blade’s steel and its corrosion resistance makes this knife well-suited for everyday abuse.
  • This is great for those who spend time in a variety of environmental conditions. In saltwater, lakes, rivers, or while on snowy mountains, I haven’t had to worry about damaging this knife or possible corrosion.
  • I have broken down boxes, busted open ammo crates, cut a variety of cords and ropes, and chopped up kindling with no noticeable wear to the blade.

Zero Tolerance has a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products. If you happen to snap the tip off your knife, Zero Tolerance will replace the blade for $30. I can’t imagine it would be very easy to break this blade, but on the off-chance it happens, you’ll know the repair bill will be very reasonable. When you purchase a Zero Tolerance Knife, it’s evident you are purchasing a knife from a company who cares and stands by their work.

MSRP: $180

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